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Song of Pain

Sharp pang felt in heart by barrage of memories. A song is born on her lips haunted by love A lone tear of melancholy smiled as the violins sprung to life! Lost in pain She sang away as if in trance drowning and dying She sang in agony as if she was never alive!!
-Pearl in Dreams

Drop in the Ocean

This Post has been chosen by Blogadda team for the WOW Prompt - A Drop in the Ocean

I watched the butterfly flutter around flowers in delight enjoying the company of just bloomed flowers, what a beauty life is, I think everyone would have come across this line - "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a Butterfly"
And I am still a caterpillar cocooned in a shell, wanting to explore the world yet chained down..


*a few years back*

The noises in and around didn't make much sense, a way to end it all was the only thing looked forward.

How did I end up here was the constant question buzzing in my head, half baked advises, half baked understanding and dreams everything pushed me far from thinking straight, after all I was just another student who had cleared her 12th exams - PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), the pride of parents, a tag to boast! 
Just another stude…

Embraced by pain

Tears pooled her eyes as she rested her head against the window, people bustled around but none made an impact, she was lost in her own world of pain.
Hurt teared her at seams, ache which she got used to by now twisted her heart making her flinch but she didn't give in.

The train chugged along gathering speed, and she let pain wash her soul, while the tears streamed down her cheeks, memories flashed in blur and everything seemed hollow.
Mind grappled those memories in vain, and the fresh torrent of tears were unleashed.

A relationship potent enough to take you on highs you never been, can also push you down with no scruples! This was other face of truth of relationship which blew her to pieces! 

She was her own confidant now, with him gone. But even her fingers refused to wipe her tears away, as she sat immobile with eyes closed, and her hair locks brushing her face, 
the wind dried the salty trails cascading down her cheeks..

P.S : Just a feeling to write about pain..but i think I fell…

Family Drama

Me and Mom in between argument.

Mom : You must learn to bring down your temper

*me just stare at her*

Mom : If u get married-

Me : I won't. ok??! leave it now.

*mom stares and leaves*

*After few days*

*me and mom with relatives*

Mom : Girls nowadays don't know how to behave! 

A random relative : Yes yes totally agree, you know I saw a girl yesterday during my morning walk, oh God such short shorts!

Mom : What can we say? don't we have freedom they ask! When we were young no one dared to voice against elders

Another aunty : Yeah and we now let our children talk and go on and on about how we restrict them!

Mom : We must not advice them, nor must we tell them to do some minor chores! My daughter walks away if I ask her to do some household chores

*a few relatives look at me(with a knowing look)*

Relative : What will she do after her sister get married?

Chorus : She MUST do the chores!

*everyone chuckles*

*I am boiling inside*

Mom : Of course how else will she survive wi…


Wings fluttered to fly high But her ankles were chained. Her struggle noticed by moon alone,

Who peeked at her window helplessly..

The Guy in Black

There were not much people around, just a bunch of guys here, a group of women there, and a few girls walking around.

And she stood with her cousins, throwing a casual glance around the dining hall, as the girls babbled about groom and his friends.

Bored to death, she was about to leave, when he entered, the guy in black.
A friend of his ushered him to the buffet, and soon left him with the food, there was something that made her curious about him, maybe the way he walked or the way he chose the servings.

Looking around, he took a chair, which was diagonal to her.
Seconds passed, and they locked eyes on each other, a few seconds later breaking the eye contact she looked around to find empty chairs in plenty.

A small smile curved her lips.
Another stolen look at him, confirmed that he was looking at her. 
Many looks exchanged, she was contemplating on asking his name.

Let's go home, her mother nudged her.

With a silent sigh she walked away..

P.S : This was written long back! So you might find…

You Are..

You are the demon I like With an alluring smile A magnetic personality who dares. You are my inspiration My silence My chaos. The sweetness of my dreams Yet you are my worst critic You are the pain I write about And the love I smile about You are the dark sky I am the star Together we create night Singing the rhapsody of life


I feel a sweet yearning In the depth of my heart Calling out to the dream which ensnared me long ago A tremble in pulse A sigh escapes As I look at you Standing at the door  With an enchanting smile.

Learning to let go

After the last rant, I never wrote much about personal stuff as such, though there are posts lined up in drafts which needs editing and closure, I want to write something today and it's personal.
So readers, by all means skip further reading if you want.
It's been a year since I stopped talking to this beloved friend of mine and it was not something I wanted, I know people come and go, friends leave but it is the way we parted hurts more than anything, with hurtful words and ego clashes, though I tried contacting you again I didn't get any kind of reply and then one day I saw that my friend was happy, having fun with new friends and new lifestyle which felt like a blow, I don't know what I felt then.. Jealousy - that he was his usual chirpy and active self but I was  not! or  Anger - On myself that I was thinking about someone who never cared about my feelings at all.
I was whining and blaming myself for those hurtful words I said, for the way things turned out!
And s…