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Blocked for life

They carved a relationship which was forbidden, yet poured life into it.
As days passed, insecurities brushed her in a subtle way, which he felt was unnecessary, for it was forbidden to the core!
Our worlds wouldn't merge, he often told her.
Her feelings boiled, which made her question every move of his and every word of his.

I will go anywhere I want, he said. And talk to whom ever I want, I can't handle your mood swings, he thundered, reality slapped on her face, he blocked her on social media, never crossed her path again.

Her sorry meant nothing to him.

Both hurt each other in their own way, he by creating beautiful illusions, she by her insecurities.
His play of words, his reality of future, his love to be free, burnt her feelings.

And thus, a nameless relation died painfully, and she carried the ash in her

Let go her heart whispered, for he had found new relations which wasn't forbidden, which gave him much freedom, the way he wanted.

His wants...

It's time to let go…

A Short story with no Name

We have been speaking for a long time now, and suddenly he starts speaking about a girl,  The smile which was plastered on my face falters a bit, pushing aside what was bubbling inside, I check my smile and let him continue talk about a girl who enchanted him.
'Am I boring you..?', he asks 'No :-), happy for you ;-) ', I reply while Deep inside my heart whisper - I'm just feeling a bit of sadness hearing about some girl whom you feel you are falling for, and I don't know why I'm sad.

This happened years back, yet i can still feel that pain.
Years later I understood that pain but he had slipped away from me..


Red adorning your feet Drawing me close in awe And the anklets laugh In sync with your fluid movements Bewitched and Unblinking I sat as you swirled in ecstatic motion A beauty unbound Harmoniously filling the sight with delight A divine dance weaving magic

Love that was! Friendship that will be - Part 1

He went leaving her stranded while she stood searching for words, he never saw her eyes lose life watching him walk away, the shine of liveliness was now taken over by void while tears pooled in her eyes

Love never promise mutual affection
Done reading?
Yeah! wassup!
I am all set to be received by my date
I can see that
Wish me luck! 
Hmm..this is the third date with him, why you need luck?
Last two were just eating, talking and flirting, nothing more. So I fervently hope things take a turn!!
Anything wrong? You sound dull
Nothing, just hungover about the book I read 
Ah, it's just a book for god-sake!
Right! Enjoy the night
Thanks sweetheart! When will Vandita come?
In an hour
Cool. See ya!
Take care..

I felt haziness surround me with the turn of events, scrubbed harshly by realities, all the rose tinted future I imagined are bleak now. 
Who knew my friend would date my Ex! Oh well correction..not my Ex lover, but more of…