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Heart? or Mind?

As earth faced the moon, and stars adorned the sky, she took her seat across him, meeting him after all these years felt very taxing but somewhere a part of her had wished for this moment. He : It’s good to see you She : Same here He : So.. how are you? She : Fine, thank you and I can see you are fine too. Tell me about why this meeting? you didn’t call me here to ask how am I doing, isn’t it, after all these years. He : I want to know what you feel about me.. I mean ..I want you to leave all those bitterness about me and take care of your heart.. She : Why, now? Just because I am not married? or I am not in any relationship? I am fine, like really fine, this is my choice of living. And speaking of my heart, I think, heart can be taken care now or maybe later, but it is mind that must be handled with care, that is where memories reside, heart is resilient, it has the ability to heal..if not it collapses once for all, but what about mind? it eats every moment throwing flashes of memories ar…

Sweet and Sour Love

In a few hours the earth will bid bye to sun and most of the people hurry to get back to their home and others wake up to start their day or night to earn their living, isn't it amazing that someone's day of work is another's time of rest and vice versa
What's weird to us is beautiful to others
And sometimes
What's love to us is nothing to the person we love..
We can't explain life and it's plans
It's different for each of us or I can say it works in different way for each of us..

Lost in thoughts Neela?
Hey Krish, just like that, how was your day?
Good good, a new trainee joined our team, she is so beautiful, she-
Not again! I don't want to hear anymore.. I've heard talk about too many girls, yeah beautiful, lovely, bold, hot blah blah
Haha! I think jealousy is bad, isn't it?
Oh you think I'm jealous!
Why not?
Why jealous?
Mmm.. Maybe you like me
Oh! Eureka! You decoded a girl's feeling? Wow

Don't exaggerate, I know you like me, I have seen you…