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I didn't get it.... So sad

He : I did not get a well done.

She : Me neither..

He : But I used to get before, so why not now??

She : Same here. Why is it hard to get a well done. I was working on it for long!

He : Well.. I am better than you. Isn't it? *he asks me*

Me *I look at her* : Of course you are!

He : But why I'm not praised? no encouragement!! 

She *had been sulking* : Even I'm good, *looks at me and says* : You are always on his side!! 

Me *laughs* : Well.. you both try hard.. fine??

Both : Yes!! Next time!!

And folks, the he and she, who were sad are my Father and Mother!! And they were talking about 'Carrom pool game'!!

It is a game played online by my parents, in which,  'well done' text is displayed when you play well and win the game against computer. :)

My Parents, I tell you!! :D :D :D
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Unsent Letter

Dear S,

I know you'll flinch reading the 'S' in the first line, but sorry I can't help it. I don't want to address you with your name. I have always asked you what I am to you and I never got a clear response from you but instead received more questions from you! Seriously dude!! Your questions made me introspect myself, our relationship and also about you. Really..What I am to you?

We aren't acquaintances or lovers, you are in love with your girl friend and she with you. 
We aren't friends anymore, we were friends until we stepped beyond the boundaries of friendship, even if it was just one step! You know what was going on in my mind, you said me to think practically, well actually I did a lot of thinking and well it was just thinking..over thinking which led me astray.

And then came a day I thought of staying away as a first step to.. to whatever it was, but you wanted to talk , I didn't mind until I knew it was about your love.
What actually were you thin…

You are

You are the warmth my winter heart yearns for
the song my feet craves to dance about,
You are the madness and hopelessness that I fall for!
but again you are the reality that I can never make it happen..
Asmi - I am

I never stood a chance...

This is selected as a WOW post

She : I never stood a chance, did I..?
He : It's not what you think..the chance of you cannot be equated to the chance of 'Us'..don't you think?
She : Chance of 'Us' can happen only if I am your choice..but the way you are talking now..
He : It's not that I don't have feelings for you think it was all a farce..! You don't..don't you?
She : I am not questioning your feelings..I remember you speaking about our bond and saying that you don't want to name it.. and all this while I thought that you meant our bond to be nameless..our relationship to be beyond name..without conforming to the boundaries but something pure and free..but never in my dream I thought that you don't want to give it a name!!
He : Yes I didn't name because I wanted our relationship to take its own course, I didn't want to restrict it..
She : I can construct dam to a river but never to an ocean.. you are one such …

Wind, warmth and nostalgia

Driving through the rain drenched roads awash with cold wind which hit my face without mercy, I was transported into realm of silence until I chance upon you driving through the same road enjoying the bliss of rain on the bike you love racing along with the speed you favour most, a passionate recklessness coupled with wild abandon oozed out of you, attractive it was to see you in your own world and in that moment the rain and wind froze... ceased to exist, it's you alone holding my mind in your grasp, the cold wind brazing my face just adds the right amount of chill to my already shivering heart which is beating against the rib cage.

I see you laugh with the person sitting behind you, the fun and frolic you are experiencing is drains away my energy but I sit mutely not wanting to surrender to tears, but memories pierce one after other testing my will, 
I dare myself to not cry, not succumb to bitterness towards you nor me nor 'us' in the past, 
I feel suffocated for a brief m…

Rainbows and Tears

The sun blazing hot over head shined like there won't be any rain for few days but as the evening approached the rain poured dousing the scorched heat which was experienced just a few hours ago.
Samhita went about doing her share of chores cursing both the sun and rain, these were the two extreme ends of the spectrum and she despised the extremes as much as she can.

Today's rain mirrored her torrent of thoughts which overpowered her mind which struggled to rein them in! She had locked those memories for good or so she thought until they came to drown her in full flow!
Making her question about her strength, will, whatever you call.. But isn't it just one side effect of feelings that explode the sanity of mind until one surrenders to their object of affection? yeah just one side effect of many such!
Feelings are powerful enough is crush the logic and brittle enough to break causing pain again, it's a chain reaction she thought, wiping the mirror clean, staring at her own ey…

Love - Poem

Hey! Just another attempt in writing poem, please bear with me Since childhood I am fascinated by the concept of reincarnation, I don't know if it's real or just an imagination, but it does fuel my mind with vivid fantasies and thoughts.
Happy reading :)